Monday, March 2, 2009

ASL Advocates' Newsletter, Volume 3-1


ASL Advocates is offering a free beginning sign language class starting March 21st through May 9th...from 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. every Saturday for 8 weeks. This opportunity is made possible through a donation from DDBCHR and a grant from Neighborhood Connections with the support of Tremont Neighborhood Association and Merrick House. These classes will be held at the Merrick House at 1050 Starkweather Ave., Cleveland, Oh 44113. Classes are held on a first come, first serve basis and seats are limited to 30 participants. If you are interested, please call (216) 862-2978 for reservations.


CINDY WOODIE: Her Birthday is February 25

ANGELISA SISSON: Her Birthday is March 6
JAMES SPARKS: His Birthday is March 7

If you want your birthday listed, please send an email to the
Webmaster through our website listed on this page.

ASL Advocates has opened their new offices on 494 East 200 Street, Euclid, Ohio 44119. Kudos to Heather Kendel for working endlessly and tirelessly getting them ready. They are beautiful.

Many thanks to all of Heather's helpers. Special thanks to Rudy and Michelle, Andrea, Michael, Eileen, Angelisa, Kathleen, Abby, James, James Jr., Cara, Ellen, Penny, Cindy, Chad, Colleen, Holly, Matt, Michaela and James and Kathleen Kendel. Thank you to all those not mentioned here for whatever part you have played both small and large in getting this thing going. If we left you out, please let us know and we will add your name.

We are now ready to accept food donations to distribute to those in need. Cash donations at this critical time in the economy would be greatly appreciated.

Watch this newsletter for up and coming events and for human interest stories concerning our special community of people.