Thursday, September 24, 2009

ASL Advocates' Newsletter

Posted September 24, 2009

The Euclid City Schools are having a Carnival and would appreciate your help. Please contact Ted Lysiak at Euclid Schools and he will deliver a color copy of the PDF version of the flyer for information concerning the Carnival. Ted can be reached via office phone 216-797-2989 or cell 216-534-7413.

Beginning ASL (American Sign Language) classes start on September 19th, 2009. A fee of $25 dollars will be charged for this class. It is still not too late to sign up, even if you missed the first couple of classes.


James Kendel: September 17th
Shelby Smith: September 18th
Eternity Pesek: September 20th
Colleen Kendel: September 20th
Penny Sisson: October 9th
Michaela Sisson: October 10th
Hailey Sisson, October 15th
Soon To Be Born: Baby Boy Sisson
(Due October 25, 2009)

If you want your birthday listed, please send an email to or click on the button for the website link.

Watch this newsletter for up and coming events and for human interest stories concerning our special community of people.



ASL Advocates is giving away free diabetic meters and flashing smoke alarms. This is on a first come first serve basis so if you are interested, please feel free to stop in or call the office if interested.

Explicit Ills:

Explicit Ills is now available on DVD everywhere. You can find Explicit Ills anywhere from to to your local DVD store.

I sat there on my living room floor with my friend, Nicole, with our jaws open as we watched Explicit Ills. The things the people in this movie had to go through had us aghast. My friend and I liked the fact that from the time the movie started until the time the movie ended, there was nonstop cause and effect. It didn't take long to get to the plot at all. This has to be one of my favorite movies for the simple fact that it wasn't too long nor was it too short. It conveyed the message that poverty is a world wide issue in a way that is very eloquent. It makes you feel like you are actually in the movie. This movie is highly recommended.